How to Get into Your Dream School (without Actually Walking on Water)


You could ace your SATs, rack up a perfect GPA, score a membership in MENSA–and still mess up applying to college. How?

By blowing any or all of the approximately 2.9 zillion important college application deadlines that you’ll soon be juggling (while simultaneously attending school, staying on top of extracurriculars, keeping up with your social life, and generally trying to walk on water).

Never Miss a Deadline with Edupath’s Task Manager

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to check out the new Task Manager feature of our Edupath Total College apps. Think of the Task Manager as your own personal assistant for getting into college. You focus on content, while the Task Manager:

  • Supplies you with crucial information about your schools’ requirements, including early admissions policies, essay prompts, alternative testing options, and more
  • Generates a personalized to-do list for each school you’re applying to
  • Tracks your calendars and reminds you of must-not-miss deadlines
  • Prompts you to start application tasks at the appropriate time
  • Lets you check off tasks as you complete them–whew!

Here’s how get your career as a college student on track, right now:

1.  Simply download the free Edupath Total College SAT Prep or  Edupath Total College ACT Prep app for your iPhone or iPad.

2. Turn on the app’s Task Manager for any school in your favorites list.

3. Feel the relief as the school’s due dates for admissions tests, applications, essays, supplementals, and recommendations automatically flow into your calendar.

4. Repeat for all the schools you want to apply to.

That’s it! … Yes, you still have to fill out acres of forms, write compelling essays, and–details, details–successfully graduate from high school. But now you can focus on crafting the real content of your college applications, and let the Task Manager handle the nitty-gritty details. No walking on water involved!

Coming Soon: Expanding Your Horizons with Edupath’s College Explorer


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