Deep-Dive: SAT Literature Subject Test


**Update** Miss out on the live webinar? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. We recorded a brief 11-minute SAT Literature Subject Test Review Deep Dive, where you’ll find helpful hints, pertinent facts, and most importantly – lots of pictures.

SAT Literary Buzzwords

Wanna go further? Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at some sample SAT Lit Subject questions? We’ve created a brief SAT Literature Subject Test demo for you, complete with video tutorials for each question. Why not give it a try?



Not quite up to speed for the SAT Literature Test? As Shakespeare wrote, “The readiness is all.” In other words, the more you know what to expect, the better you’ll do. You’re probably aware that the test requires you to use your critical reading skills, and to be familiar with a variety of literary genres and terminology. But what, exactly, what should you study? And what’s the most effective way to study it? Join Kevin Snyder, Edupath’s Manager of Tutoring Programs, for a free Deep-Dive webinar on the SAT Literature Test.

Edupath Deep-Dive: SAT Literature Subject Test
May 27, 2014
4pm PT / 7pm ET

Register Here.



About Kevin: Prior to Edupath, Kevin taught High School in the Philadelphia area. He currently holds teaching certificates in both California and Pennsylvania. He leads, organizes, and directs in-person SAT/ACT classes at the Berkeley and San Francisco Public Libraries as part of



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